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Professor D. Horbachov in the Paris Branch of the Christie's Auctions (attribution the abstract composition Colored Rhythms to Alexandra Exter (October, 1990). Details...


Dmytro Horbachov is Professor, Ph.D. in Fine Art, specializing in history and theory of art. The area of his research embraces Ukrainian art of the Baroque epoch (XVII-XVIII th centuries), Romanticism  and Realism (19th century), secession and avant-garde (1900-1930s). He is the author of many books, movies and publications in magazines, as well as popular scientific movies Malevich Peasant, School of Spectralism, Go Ahead, Singols!, Alexandra Exter (2005), Alexander Bogomazov (2006) and so on.

Dmytro Horbachov is the organizer of such exhibitions as Crossroads: Ukrainian modernism, 1910-1930 (Chikago, NY, 2006-2007, USA), The Phenomenon of the Ukrainian Avant-garde 1910-1935 (2001-2002, Winnipeg, Canada; 2002, Kyiv, Ukraine), The Art of Ukraine of the 20 century (1999-2000, Kyiv), Welcome Back to Ukraine, Mr. Burliuk (1997, Kiev), Art-fest (1996, Kiev; 1996, Denmark),  L'art en Ukraine (1993, Toulouse), Avantgarde and Ukraine (1993, Munich), Ukrainian Avant-garde of 1910s-1930s (1991, Zahreb), Alexander Bogomazov (1991, Toulouse), Alexander Khvostenko-Khvostov (1986, Kyiv), Anatoly Petritsky (1968, Kyiv)  and many others.

Prof.D.Horbachov took part in many scientific conferences (in Kyiv, Moscow, Lviv, S.-Petersburg, Paris, Zagreb, Munich).

Having experience of work in museums and archives of Ukraine, Russia, France, USA, Sweden, D.Horbachov is regularly involved in the attribution of works of art, mainly Ukrainian and Russian. He defined the authorship of such well-known masters of avant-garde as Archipenko, Exter, Lissytzky, Bogomazov, Pal'mov, Suetin, Yermilov, D. & V. Burliuks, Tatlin. He serve as a consultant of the auctions: Sotheby's, Bonham's, MacDougall's, Christie‚Äôs (Paris, Munich), served  as a consultant of the Phillips Auction. Prof.D.Horbachov attributed works of O.Orlovsky, Pimonenko, V.Orlovsky, Svitoslavsky and other artists of the XIXth century. He is the author of publications on the works of modern painters from Ukraine, Russia, France, USA. 


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