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This book - one of the first thorough researches of creativity of the known set designer, one of the founders of the Ukrainian art .V.Khvostenko-Khvostov's (1895-1968). In the book the creative way of the artist, memoirs of the artists and and detailed help material is considered The story about a vital and creative way of the artist is supplemented by memoirs of his contemporaries. Is designed for the experts and wide circle of the amateurs of fine arts.
In the book the jobs are reproduced which are stored in a State museum theatrical, musical and motion picture arts of Ukraine, Central theatrical museum by .Bahrushin and also in private collections D.Horbachev's, (Kiev), G.Rozhdestvenski's (Moscow), N.Lobanov-Rostovskiy's (London).


128 pages

Circulation 1000 copies

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