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Book "Ukrainian avantgardists". Kiev. 2005. (Ukrainian)

Book "Ukrainian avantgardists". 384 pages. Kiev. 2005. (Language of the originals - Russian, Ukrainian).

ISBN 966-7237-20-6 (9667237206).     85. 103 (4) 643   45


In the book for the first time is informed theoretical works, and also memoirs and publicism of the known Ukrainian artists of avantgard direction of a beginning Century: A.Archipenko, A.Bogomazov, M.Bojchuk, D.Burliuk, O.Grischenko, A.Exter, V.Ermilov, V.Izdebsky, V.Kandinsky, B.Livshic, K.Malevich, S.Nelepinskaja-Bojchuk, M.Osin'chuk, V.Pal'mov, A.Petritsky, K.Piskorsky, V.Polishuk, E.Pribyl'ska, K.Red'ko, M.Semenko, M.Siniakova, A.Taran, J.Tugenhol'd, A.Hvostenko-Hvostov.

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