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Alexander ARCHIPENKO (1887-1964).

Act. 1906. Pastel on board. 65x45 cm. Private collection, Ukraine.  

Historians of arts know Archipenko as an avant-gardist, and this realistic drawing with ArŮhipenkoís signature did not enjoy their confidence.

I studied ArŮhipenkoís early (Kyiv) period and recognized this immature work created in 1906 as an authentic one. The womanís pose and treatment of hair have something in common with later sculptures by this master.

The work was shown at the exhibition: "Save in Ukraine. Alexander ARCHIPENKO". 2001, National Art Museum of Ukraine, Kyiv. Details... The work will be displayed at ArŮhipenkoís personal exhibition in Kyiv to be held in 2001.

Attributed by Prof.D.Gorbachev.

Other A.Archipenko works attributed by Prof. Dmytro Horbachov:



Alexander ARCHIPENKO (1887-1964). Woman. 1928. Bronze, h=75 cm. Private collection, Ukraine.  Details...


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Alexander ARCHIPENKO (1887-1964). Woman Combing Her Hair. 1915. Bronze, h=35 cm. Private collection, Ukraine. Details...

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